Sex Sells, Yes, But No.

Sex sells.

Two words that, together, have prompted thousands, if not millions, of advertisement campaigns – to be honest, it has probably played one-role-or-another in all forms of media. It is no secret in the marketing world that, well: sex sells.

But, there is a fine line to be drawn. Not many will complain about the topless men on your Abercrombie shopping bag, or the extremely attractive female on the front cover of Vogue. However, the American Apparel Advertisement scheme has taken the concept of “sex sells”, disrespected it with it’s foot, soon after, chewing it up, gargling, and spitting it back-out to present, what they believed would be a brilliant advertisement scheme.

American Apparel Ad2_opt          American Apparel Ad3_opt

Well, it didn’t work. It is actually quite disturbing.

Farther than not work, the images displayed within American Apparel ads are easily considered explicit and are quite unsettling. The young women in each ad quickly change from being models for a clothing line, to the emphasis on what can be considered a publicized porno. (Which doesn’t help the controversy with the CEO allegedly having a sex slave – but that’s a different story)

All around the industry, you see women modeling nearly naked, in nothing but underwear; take Victoria Secrets. The difference: those models (or Angels as they like to be called) demonstrate dignity, confidence and self-respect. Maintaining their status as models. Now, as you look at the American Apparel ads, you see nothing but an exploitation of women, put into sexual position to stimulate the urge of sexuality, simply to attract consumers. The company can argue as much as they want about their purpose of artistic expression. But, that does not overshadow the objectification of women happening here.

Ad_Radar                Ad4_opt               Ad_Mirror

The limits of moral ethics have simply been left in the dust, buried away. These ads not only demean women, but it humiliates our society. To think that this is may be socially acceptable is unbelievable. Never should any sexuality, whether female or male, be exploited to this extend for the purpose of marketing.

So yes, sex sells.

But no, definitely not to this extent.

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