Creepy or Convenient

Creepy or Convenient

Picture this.

You’re sitting at home comfortably on the couch on a Tuesday night looking for a new pair of Nike shoes online. You decide that maybe now isn’t the time for you to spend $100 dollars on what seems at the moment to be an unnecessary luxury. You close the page and then your laptop and go to bed for the night. Now, fast forward to the next day. You’re sitting in class. You happen to click on Facebook to pass the time as you sometimes do. Then suddenly you notice something on the side of your screen. It’s an advertisement for the shoes you almost purchased the night before. Now, here is the million dollar question. Is it creepy or convenient, to have personalized advertisements to that extreme?

Personally, I lean towards creepy. I understand that there is a good chance that I will buy the shoes, if they are constantly dangled in front of me on my screen, but it still bothers me. I know that customized marketing is the new craze. Everybody wants everything customized exactly to their liking these days, but when it seems as though it invades my privacy, it just plain creeps me out.

I’m not exactly sure what bothers me the most about it. It just seems unsettling that advertisements are becoming so personal. For instance beer commercials during the Super Bowl, that seems completely normal, because they are targeting a large group of people. When advertisements are being crafted specifically for me, whether it is a person doing it or some software program, it just seems wrong.

I however, am not naïve. If this sort of advertising didn’t work then they would stop doing it. So I do respect, whoever came up with the idea of such personal advertisements, because they were without a doubt a very smart individual.  I am just not on board with the idea, because I am a firm believer of “just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s right.”

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