What is up with Tinder?

Let’s face it, if you are a college student in America and you have not heard of Tinder then something is definitely not right with you, you might probably be one in a billion! To sum it in a nutshell, Tinder is a matchmaking app that allows  you to match up with people in your vicinity by sliding left or right anonymously and both people can have a chat if they both want to match up.

WHO found Tinder?


We all know the application but who was it that thought of this idea? It was by Sean Rad, Whitney Wolfe, Jonathan Badeen, Christopher Gulczynsk, Joe Munoz, and Justin Mateen. These 6 fraternity students in the University of Southern California. Tinder is just a new app that has just been around for 2 years.

HOW did Tinder became so popular?


The marketing idea used by these students were wonderful. It goes like this, they were frat boys and obviously fraternities holds the best parties all over campus. They had an idea, an idea that would change the society of America. One of them decided to make a matchmaking app since thus far none has been very successful due to lots of other adult matchmaking site. The student told his friends about this idea and he persuaded his sorority girl friends to participate by telling them that they could be famous, which girl would not like to be famous? As soon as the sorority sisters came in, all the boys had to do was to tell their friends that they have this app that could hook up with the university sorority girls, then boom! Honestly, if you were to ask a college guy whether would he want to hook up, chances are he will definitely say YES.

WHY did the idea work?


The people that know what a typical college guy wants is…another college guy! These students know the nature of their market, they realize the three typical things that majority of college guy wants and that is money, marijuana and sex. These students are brilliant as to be able to pull in the rest of the market with just little to zero cost at all. They started up the app with no money and now each one of these fraternity boys are able to pay off half of their college tuition at ease.

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