Did You Know Apple Doesn’t Have a Twitter?


Apple, the industry leading technology giant, which is often used as a benchmark for marketers around the world, doesn’t have a Twitter. Why is that and what can other companies learn from it? I can’t offer a definitive answer, but I can offer my theories.

While Apple supported products, such as itunes (@iTunes) and App Store (@AppStore) , have Twitter pages, there is no general Apple Twitter page. In the age of growing importance of social media, how could Apple not join the majority of other corporations on social media? Is this because Apple chooses to simply only have pages for their products, or is it part of a carefully thought out marketing strategy?

It is undeniable Apple has extremely strong marketing. Unlike other companies, part of their marketing strategy is not using certain social media platforms. Industry analysts and even consumers have speculated about Apple’s reasoning for choosing not to engage in social media.  While there has been no official statement on their decision, many have crafted theories (myself included).

One possible explanation for this choice is how Twitter contradicts with their information strategy. Apple chooses to release massive amounts of information in a short span of time, such as press conferences announcing and detailing the features of the new iPhone. Apple undoubtedly has a  strategic plan when it comes to introducing products, and the 140 character messages of Twitter contradict with the idea of releasing massive amounts of information.

Another explanation, and perhaps a more practical one, is Apple doesn’t need to, nor does it have much to gain by establishing a centralized Twitter presence.  The word of mouth advertising generated by Apple products is a dream for any company in the world.  Apple may believe that they simply have no reason to make an official Twitter profile if their fans will communicate their message for them. The popularity of their products has snowballed too; iPods and iPhones have become staples of the modern world. (You only need to look around to see their popularity)

So what can other companies learn for this strategy? Not much admittedly, as it isn’t 100% clear why Apple has made this choice. (Feel free to disagree with the points I brought up) Apple is a unique company. Imitating their strategy wouldn’t be wise for many companies. However, for Apple, I don’t think anybody would argue that their strategy hasn’t been effective.

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