My Experience with Marketing at Acosta

A bit about the company

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to work as a sales intern for Acosta Sales & Marketing, which is a corporation that operates under the categories of food service, sales, and marketing. They are headquartered in Jacksonville but have locations all over the country. I traveled a great deal, but when I wasn’t, our branch was located in Marlboro, MA.



My experience with Katie Kastanek

Although I was a sales intern, I received 2 days worth of a marketing orientation conducted by Acosta’s Marketing Head, Katie Kastanek. Along with the orientation, I worked closely with the marketing team on a daily basis. Before this summer, I had never considered just how closely marketing and sales are intertwined, and just how crucial good marketing is to achieving sales. Katie showed me most of the work that consumed her days, which was an array of things. She was in charge of creating general Acosta power-points, power-points personalized for specific companies, brochures, point of sales, flyers, and promotional posters. I could tell right off the bat that she was super talented. All of her work was concise and very aesthetic. You could tell that she was creative and knew exactly what she was doing. The one thing that she seemed to wish was different was that she could pick only from a certain color pallet that the company provided, which consisted of about 6 or 7 different colors.

How marketing helped my sales

Throughout the summer, I visited a wide variety of operators consisting of country clubs, hotels, restaurants, and bars looking to sell food service related items. For example, I visited many country clubs with flame-less, battery operated candles that were more safe and efficient than wax candles. The candle was a great product, no doubt about it. However, without the point of sales that Katie printed out for me, I would have had a great deal of trouble selling the candles. The point of sale had the specifics on the product that  I might have forgotten or not had time to say. They were to the point, appealing to the eye, and a great conversation starter.

In closing..

I had an amazing summer at Acosta, and among the things I learned was that marketing is a vital part of any business. It keeps the sales going strong and provides a boost to the ability of your average salesman. Thanks to Katie I was able to make some great sales out on the road.





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