Too Much RE2PECT for Derek Jeter?

When do the Derek Jeter farewell ceremonies become too much? Well, in my opinion, it already reached that point about a month ago. Although this is coming from a fan of Jeter’s rival team, many other people I talk to agree with me on this topic. The reason for all of this is because this is a major opportunity to make money. The New York Yankees, Major League Baseball, clothing companies, and many other areas in sports have hopped on board just for that reason.


The best example of this was the Yankee’s ceremony that was held early in September for Derek Jeter. When the 2014 tickets were released, everyone quickly bought tickets to the last game of the season at Yankee Stadium. The reason for that was because it would be Jeter’s last home game, which usually means a ceremony for him. Instead, the Yankees announced in July that they would have the ceremony 3 weeks before the end of the season on September 7th, against the Royals. Before it was announced, there were still plenty of tickets left for this game, but within a few days the cheapest ticket went from $16 to $211 on Stubhub. Along with that, there was a lot of marketing done by the MLB for the All-star game because it was the last one for Jeter. From a clothing standpoint, Nike has been selling shirts for Jeter’s farewell, which say “Re2pect” on them. These shirts have been everywhere and have been a hot seller for baseball fans from all teams. Before this season, Derek Jeter was good about staying out of the public eye for things other than baseball like commercials and ads. Now almost every time ESPN is on there is an advertisement with Jeter.


If Jeter announced his retirement towards the end of the season and kept it quiet, there would’ve have been a lot of lost profits. Also, when the Yankees saw the success of Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour last year, they must have realized they could do the same thing this season with Jeter. As a baseball fan, Jeter has always been one of my favorite players and one of the best players to play the game in baseball history. However, I think the Yankees and MLB gave this too much attention because they knew they could make money off of it.

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