We All Have THAT Commercial

I think we all have THAT commercial. The one that comes on TV and you yell to everyone in the room, “OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL.” If this doesn’t relate to you, I apologize, but this is basically my everyday life with five girl roommates and one central television.

At this point in time, I am still obsessed with the Subaru Legacy car commercial from this past summer. Since “Subaru Legacy” may not really ring any bells, it is also known as that car commercial with the five-year-old boy who imagines driving his dad’s car around for the day. The commercial starts off when his dad asks him with a wide grin, “Hey Pal, you ready?” offering the car keys to his son, and the little boy starts daydreaming about his possible day in the driver’s seat…

The day starts off with him cruising down the neighborhood, gunning some thumbs up to his friends, and feeling like a boss.

Then, the little boy drops his dad off at work. Sitting in the driver’s seat, the five-year-old is wearing his bathrobe, has a bed head, and groans when his dad tells him to pick him up later.

He is then stuck in traffic, in the pouring rain, and sarcastically goes, “Oh, I’m so glad I got the car washed.” In the next scene, he is running up to his car where it is parked at a meter, about to get a ticket, and he yells to the officer, “I’m here, I’m here!” The woman tells him he is too late; we then realize he has no idea what a meter is.

We see him leaving the grocery store with a large paper bag full of groceries. Of course the bag breaks and his groceries spill all over the parking lot. He is reaching out the window at the ATM (which short people like me can completely relate to) and the car behinds him starts beeping. He yells, “I’m FIVE!” –This has got to be my favorite line in the whole commercial. Watch it in context and it’ll get you giggling too.

We then flash back to current time: dad holding the keys out to him as an offer, and but the boy declines.

The moral of it all? The Subaru Legacy will still be ready for him when he is able to take on the wheel and head into the real world years from now.

I think every commercial now works so hard to be the one that sticks in your head, the one you quote, the one you want all of your friends to shut up and watch when it comes on TV; they want to be THAT commercial. For me, it’s this one. The Subaru Legacy name is permanently engraved in my brain because of their smooth marketing tactics and their infamous “Love” last line. Way to go, Subaru, way to go.

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