Apple Pay

As a female who deals with the trend of ridiculously small pockets on my jeans, the idea of not lugging around a bag in order to have both my phone and my wallet on me is a very appealing idea. The convenience of having my credit cards on my person at all times (because face it, we are NEVER without our iPhones) would almost render a wallet obsolete – a feat Tim Cook, Apple CEO, hopes to accomplish.


Apple rolled out a similar concept in 2012 called Passbook. Passbook allowed for apps that stored information like store cards and plane tickets to be accessed from a single app. Airlines and retail locations such as Starbucks launched apps that were compatible. The difference between this and the new system with the iPhone 6 is your credit card was not stored as a credit card, but rather you could use the stored information to purchase gift cards and reload them from saved information.

I was very late to the bandwagon and just recently downloaded the Starbucks app. As someone who already frequents the coffee chain, I was just looking to get in on the rewards. But the ability to pay with my phone has increased how often I go to Starbucks. Since I don’t like carrying a purse and usually just have my phone on me, in order to get a cup of coffee, I have to go to Starbucks. This has me choosing the Starbucks over equally good local coffee shops such as Rao’s and Amherst Coffee, solely based on convenience. (It also helps that they give me rewards for every cup I order.)


My love for this convenience has even had me considering upgrading my mint condition iPhone 5 for the iPhone 6. The upgraded display, processors and camera are only minor benefits in comparison to ability to use my credit cards with my phone. This is the first time after a two-year contract that I haven’t needed to upgrade my phone, yet this new software is almost too good to pass up. There has been multiple times when I wished I had my credit card on me while out shopping, which won’t be an issue anymore. I would love to be able to use my cards whenever I’m out shopping, and would certainly end up spending more as a consumer.

Let’s just hope I’ll be able to actually fit the phone in my pocket.

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