The Campaign for Extra gum really makes you feel emotional. If you have not seen it, it is about a girl and her dad. Whenever something important happens in the girl’s life, her dad gives her a piece of gum, then makes a paper crane out of the wrapper. He does this from when she is a little girl, until she goes off to college. As she is packing for school a box falls out of the car. It is filled with the paper cranes that she collected over the years from her father. Her dad probably did not think that she kept a single one of them because they are just gum wrappers, but she kept them all. In the commercial you can tell how touched the father is when he found this box of gum wrapper cranes by the expression on his face.

crane cry_opt paper crane _opt crane_opt

Doesn’t that make you want to go home and hug your dad?! I know I do when I watch this campaign. It is interesting to me how an advertisement for a stick of gum can make a viewer feel so emotional. Now when I see a pack of Extra gum, I am going to think about my dad, even though he never has made me paper cranes out of gum wrappers. Even if you are not a girl, or a father this commercial will still make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Having a good marketing campaign that connects with the viewers is essential. I feel like I have not seen an advertisement for Extra in a long time, and then they throw this at their consumers, we never saw it coming! Or at least I did not. It’s one of those ads that you can’t forget. This is definitely my favorite commercial on television, and I love commercials. I know that might be odd because most of them you just wish wouldn’t interrupt the show, but then you come upon one like this and it makes you appreciate advertisements. I could watch this commercial one hundred times and it would still make me smile every time, and maybe even call my dad. So go ahead and watch it!!

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