Facebook: More Than Just Another Social Media Site

I have had my Facebook for around eight years now. It has been interesting to watch how Facebook has evolved over the years. One change that I have been noticing more recently is their use of advertising. Facebook does a great job at paying attention to what sites you frequent and then using that knowledge to obtain sponsors.

I was recently shopping around for a new satchel; one of the websites that I spent A LOT of time exploring was Rebecca Minkoff. The next time that I logged onto Facebook one of the “suggested posts” that showed up on my newsfeed just so happened to be a Rebecca Minkoff advertisement. At this point in time I had not ordered a new purse yet so I found myself back on the Rebecca Minkoff website browsing around again. The sponsored advertisement made it so easy for me to simply click the link and resume my search for the ultimate purse.

After I finally decided on which purse I wanted I logged into the Nordstrom website just to make sure they were not selling the same exact satchel for a better price (they often do). Five minutes later when I logged back into Facebook, Nordstrom was showing up in my newsfeed as a sponsored advertisement. Not only was Nordstrom in my newsfeed but Rebecca Minkoff was also in the side bar. I could not escape the purse posts.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1_opt

It amazed me how quickly Facebook and the retailers are able to unite and bombard me with my online shopping obsession. They make it SO easy to simply click the link and make the purchase. I believe that using Facebook as a marketing tool is extremely effective. I now have a satchel on the way in the mail and Facebook is partly to thank for my purchase.

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