How Dressing “Normal” is the Next Big Thing

In most ad campaigns, companies highlight their most over-the-top pieces to grab the attention of potential customers. This is the case especially at turn of a new season, as brands are marketing that season’s new line of clothing. However, Gap took a different turn with their marketing strategy for their Fall 2014 campaign. Built around the slogan “Dress Normal, ” Gap has taken the focus off of the actual clothing, and shifted it onto the consumer. Featuring simple clothing, the ads are designed to demonstrate a simplicity in the clothes that allows for the customers to feel as though they are what makes the clothing special.

dress normal

Advertising has taken a much more consumer-centric spin in the last few years. This has been done by creating campaigns that place an emphasis on the consumer, serving as a contrast to many previous advertisements, where consumers were meant to feel as if they needed the product to be a positive version of themselves, as opposed to clothing just accessorizing the consumer. Many companies have seen success in this kind of consumer-empowering marketing; Gap has increased its sales in the last two years after switching to this type of advertising.


Other key phrases from this campaign include “let your actions speak louder than your clothes” and “dress like no one’s watching.” By taking the focus off of the clothing and onto the consumer, it is actually incredibly effective at garnering attention towards Gap’s Fall 2014 line. The consumer is given the feeling of power as it is a matter of choice in purchasing the Gap clothing, rather than feeling a need to purchase the clothing, which has resulted in a positive sales increase for the company. I believe that other companies will follow suit and begin to utilize a more consumer-empowering marketing approach as this kind of advertising has obviously proven to be successful.


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