Invisible Risks

About 3 weeks ago, Apple Company run the concert and put iPhone 6 and Plus in the market so iPhone bacomes a popular product again. Before the new phone entering into the market Apple’s shares increased a lot but the dramatic dwindle soon is surprising.
The fluctuations of share prices, for the most time, can show a company’s condition and market circumstances clearly and accurately. Although a large number of people ordered iPhone 6 online or waited in the store, it is an indisputable fact that Apple company is in the invisible risk. There are three problems I would like to talk:size, function and market of product.
In the first place, the sizes of iPhone 6 and Plue are 4.7 and 5.5 inches, respectiely. The bigger screen is more attractive to customers comparing with phones from samsong with big screens. However, Jobs thought that the size of Iphone 4(3.5 inches) is the most suitable size to a smartphone. Obviously, Tim Cook had broken the core thought of Jobs again since iPhone 5 or even iPhone 6 were put in the market. Some may say that to Apple company, they should break the traditional thoughts and limitation for being more competitive against other companies but each company should have its own soul of designing which should not be changed forever.
Further, the most attractive app “Apple Pay” is not enough to satisfy the customers’ usage. Before new phone entering into market, the scandals of women stars due to problem of iCloud had influenced apple company. Cook should create more apps in order to attract more customers and keep users’ information more secretly meanwhile.
exploded view of iPhone 6 Plus
Last but not least, It is surprised that iPhone 6 and Plue did not enter into China’s market. It means Apple company may miss a large market which is in the country with the largest customers. One article about the cost of manufacturing one iPhone 6 and Plus surprised me a lot. “Apple spends $200 to $247 in parts and labor to build an iPhone 6.” If the company can break the gate of China, there will be a huge amount of profits. As a Chinese,I can feel the big”desire” of Chinese people to get an new iPhone because there are a lot of people even smuggle from neighboring country such as HongKong. In my opinion, a big market environment is the basis to spread products.
In a nutshell, there are several problem in the Apple Company with iPhone 6 but the strong hope and love to iPhone cannot b stoped and diminished by few flaws.

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