Lowe’s Fix In Six

Last year in April 2013 Lowe’s came up with a brilliant marketing tool. The Lowe’s “Fix In Six” campaign was made to give quick and useful home improvement tips in just 6 seconds. By using Vine, Lowe’s launched a whole series of these 6-second bits and they became a huge, helpful hit.

What will these videos help you with? The Lowe’s improvement Vines will help you fix anything from cleaning rusty knives, keeping squirrels away from your plants, or how to remove crayon marks with WD-40. Lowe’s launched this campaign and it was the first of its kind, showing about 50 specific Vine videos with home improvement tips. The videos were fun, interactive and used non-stop motion animation techniques.

(Here is a playlist of the 6 Second videos.)

Not only were the videos fun and interactive, but also they were actually able to reach people as opposed to the 5 minute YouTube video, or WikiHow step-by-step article. The average attention span of a person in the year 2012 was recorded as 8 seconds. This is 1 second less than a goldfish! With this extremely short attention span, these Vine videos have been the ideal solution for those of us trying to fix tricky problems. 6 quick seconds of helpful hints, and a looping video that you can watch over and over again. We all know that nobody watches a vine only one time.


(Average attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, A goldfish has a 9 second attention span and now in 2012 the average attention span is 8 seconds.)

Lowe’s left a lasting impression on Vine users and critics, being one of the first large company to put use to a social platform normally associated with trivial content. From this campaign, Lowe’s received about 15 million campaign impressions and multiple award nominations and recognitions. It was a silver winner for the Caples Awards, O’Toole Box Award, Cannes Lion award, Best Show at the Mashies awards, and Twitters first-ever Creative Favorite among many other things. Lowe’s “Fix in Six” can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest.

I think it is important to realize that many if not all social media platforms can be used to send positive and helpful messages in the business setting and outside of the business setting. Lowe’s is just one great example of a company using a popular form of social media to promote a good cause and make a positive name for their company. If more companies work towards utilizing these platforms they will reach todays progressive crowd and become increasingly successful.


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