Pinning for Your Perfect Life

Most girls at one point or another have dreamed about their perfect wedding, their dream home, and giant walk in closets filled with every piece of clothing they could ever imagine. Pinterest is the go to social media site for helping girls dream up these fantasies. Personally, I am the first one to admit that I go on Pinterest at least once a day and look up what kind of flowers I want to have at my wedding, what kind of outside seating area I would want in my dream house, and of course all of the fabulous clothes I could ever want. Many companies utilize Pinterest to market their products and ideas like wedding dresses, engagement rings, clothing, and how to create the perfect home.

The Wedding:

As an intern at a wedding planning company over the summer, I saw first hand just how many brides used Pinterst to help create their color schemes, get inspiration for cute photo ideas, DIY centerpieces, save the date ideas, and many other things. After interning there for 4 months and having approximately 3-4 weddings a weekend I began to recognize just how much brides used the website as a resource. For many posts on the site, you can click on the photo and it will bring you to the website where the photo or item originated from. For example, if someone pinned a beautiful wedding gown and I wanted to know who the designer was, I could click on the photo and it would bring me to the original website where the photo was pinned from and I could see who the designer was and even potentially where I could buy the dress. Another idea brides get from Pinterest is to put out a basket of Old Navy flip flops for when all of the women who are wearing heels get sore, and that right there will increase the amount of consumers going to Old Navy to buy their flip flops.This is an amazing marketing tool for companies, and even just everyday people who are trying to get their ideas and products out there.

DIY Centerpiece_opt      DIY wedding ideas_opt

The Perfect Home:

More likely than not, I know that I will never live in a 10,000 square foot mansion with a indoor pool, my own personal aquarium, and a customized home theater. However, one of the best things about Pinterest is how they market and show that you can make your own idea of a dream home, but on a normal persons budget. They can tell you what products to use, ways you can save money when building and searching for your dream home, and how you can make a room more beautiful on a tight budget. A specific post that I was drawn to was one that said “ 37 Ways to make your Ikea stuff look expensive.” Being on a college students budget and living in my own apartment, I wanted to find a way to make my apartment look cute and not like I found everything in a dumpster and this is one of the posts that helped me do that. Ikea markets to a somewhat younger clientele who is on a bit of a tighter budget, and since Pinterest caters to people who are a bit younger, this is a great way to market their store and products.

cheap ikea stuff    dream home pic

Pinterest has been so successful in acting as a gateway for many companies to advertise their products. The website has become so popular that if you ask someone where you could go to get ideas for a DIY project, or products to style your hair with, they would tell you Pinterst is the place to go!

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