Advertising companies will go out of there way to place ads anywhere they possibly can to get the attention of potential customers. There are the classics such as billboards, TV ads, and radio ads, but there also more creative ads coming about such as this advertisement for Jeep that I find amusing, being a former owner of one. So where does it end? Is there any place that is deemed unreasonable for a company to place an advertisement. Apparently not.

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While participating in a few Tough Mudder events this summer, I noticed a few people with tattoos of the logo on their bodies. I thought to myself “Wow, what a great way for Tough Mudder to get some free advertising”. I later found out that there is a benefit for people to get this permanent ink on themselves. If a person gets a tattoo of the Tough Mudder logo on their body, the company will give the recipient one free entry to one of the amazing events, which can cost over a hundred dollars.

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After a little research on the topic, I found out that tattoos as advertisements is a much more commonly used tool than I realized. Some people have even made a living selling the space on their body. One such case is a man named Billy Gibby, who has 22 tattoos on his face, including one advertising a porn site. He has given out the prime real estate on his face for as little as $800 for some of the tattoos. Another lady had a tattoo done on her face and was paid $15,000 for it. Later on, many of these people can not handle the tattoo any longer and may have them removed. Under what terms with the companies they can do this I am not sure.

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Probably the most remarkable aspect of this idea that I stumbled upon was (maybe not the best title). It is a website in which people can sign up to take part in this campaign. Companies are also welcomed to the site in order to advertise their company. The site features enticing slogans such as “For rent:Your forehead for $5,000” and explains that companies can “Solidify your brand or logo” through the use of this method. I was tempted to create an account and make a few bucks to pay for my rent this month, but decided that my Mom may not approve when I come home for the next long weekend.

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