The Power of Twitter in Advertising

One of the things that has struck me most in advertising in the past few years is how everyone turns to Twitter as an outlet for advertising.  It’s an ever-growing company and more people join its community everyday.  Think of a celebrity, the person sitting next to you, hey, even your favorite company…what do they all have in common?  Most likely they have a Twitter handle and choose this type of social media as an outlet or, as it is becoming more and more common, as a useful tool to promote something or someone.

One of the biggest Twitter advertising campaigns I’ve noticed and have since it began a couple years back, is a hashtag onscreen during or at the end of movie trailers on television.  You’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it because it catches our attention, it’s relevant, and it gives us incentive to have a conversation, to write things that people will see because these commercials are played everywhere.  This has been a constant thing in any movie trailers not intended for children.  And it’s a smart tool.  People can tweet a hashtag given on a movie trailer and see what others are saying about it.  This tool keeps the conversation about a movie going and the extra marketing and exposure generated by movie trailer hashtags most definitely benefits the film industry as well as the starring actors.  It is, in my opinion one of the coolest generational advertising tools we have today.

maze runnermaze runner annabelle

Above are screenshots of three recently released or upcoming movies, “The Maze Runner”, “Dumb and Dumber To” and “Annabelle”.  The three films are completely different types of movies but they are geared toward the same audience, young adults to adults that use Twitter, because in our day and age, social media is hard to avoid.  But hashtag promoting is not only limited to movie trailers.  Weekly reality shows or even dramas such as “The Walking Dead” have hashtags created for each episode so people watching have the ability to live tweet about their favorite shows.  This type of advertising came about fast but for now, it seems that it is here to stay and I for one, am excited to see what tool will be next.

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