Tired of carrying a thick wallet?!

Have you ever thought about going shopping without your wallet? When I go out, I personally don’t like to carry around my wallet, especially when there are a lot of credit cards and membership cards. There are some times that I have to decide which cards should be put into my wallet. However, when I go out, I sometimes find that I don’t have the card I need with me.

After the release of iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus, the most renovated feature of the new iPhone is probably the “Apple Pay”. Before this, we already have some smart phone applications that allow us to check the balances in our bank accounts. BUT, this is not enough! We still cannot use our phones to pay directly.


On the other day when I went to the Post Office and had to pay some large-amount fees, the clerk told me that I could only pay with cash or money order. They did not accept credit cards or checks. At the moment, I didn’t have enough cash and there wasn’t enough money in my checking account also. Fortunately, I had my bank’s application on my phone, so I immediately transferred some money into my checking account and was able to pay my fee. Yet, it took me a very long time to finish the paying process. If I had the Apple Pay at that time, my problem could be easily solved.

I feel that I am really excited about the Apple Pay because it only requires the phone itself. Even though I have the bank’s app, I still have to pay with my card. This is one thing that bothers me a lot. It is also annoying to bring so many cards every time when I go out. With this new feature, people’s life can get a lot easier. Plus, we do not have to carry that thick wallet and be worried about losing some cards or forgetting to bring them.

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