“Acting” in boxing promotion

The Money Team

Everyone knows Floyd Mayweather Junior; everyone knows Floyd Mayweather junior is highest-paid athlete in the world; everyone knows he is undefeated for 18 years throughout his professional career; and everyone knows he promote himself and he is a great marketer who always makes his game the biggest event in boxing. In his recent fight with Maidana attracted more than 925,000 pay-per-view, and he still holds the pay-per-view record for boxing. Of course, Floyd has some strategies in promoting and communicating with audiences, which efficiently develops and maintains the customer relationships. Promotion simply means communicating with your potential customer or marketing target.

How could Floyd build one million pay-per-view?rs_600x600-140926093254-600.Ffloyd-Mayweather-In-Bed-With-Money.jl.092614317095d6823126ae5836229310959563

On Tuesday, the pound for pound king told Nevada State Athletic Commission that Showtime’s “All Access” reality series, which follows him and his opponent during the training camp and buildup to their fight including all the vigorous trash talks,crazy lifestyle and harsh scenes , were staged as a way to sell more pay-per-views. This means The Money Team was using “acting” to light up the atmosphere making this fight more attractive. But all the harsh and heart pounding scenes are not true as Floyd presented to the NSAC, Floyd used those scene to communicate with his potential customer about his lifestyle. He did it on purpose and showed the audience what he wanted to show, and those high PPV numbers proved his target all fell into his traps. Acting makes Floyd successfully build his own brand and sell the tickets and pay-per-view better than anyone.

What Floyd had learned from Ali

 However, Floyd is not the first one who is good at selling himself. Muhammad Ali was famous for making poets and humiliating his opponents. It was less likely that Ali did it with very bad intention and he has an outrageous personality, but more likely that Ali used those strategies to trigger people’s interests of his fights. Fortunately we are able to watch how he mocked Joe Frazier and George Foreman in boxing documentaries. Ali’s harsh jocks and provocations greatly tensed the atmosphere and impelled the sense of an immediate fight, and that’s what makes boxing interesting and attractive, because everyone would be very interested to see what would happen after those collisions. Floyd learned those promoting strategies from Ali and successfully applied to his own cases. Although Floyd is not as loquacious as Ali, Floyd used similar strategies to build his own image and brand, which he shows his worship of money and luxurious life, and his undefeated record. Floyd likes to say “47 of them tried finding a way to beat me, 47 of them had failed”. It sounds pretty cool and actually that’s what audiences like to hear, because it gives audience an overall impression and interest on Floyd Mayweather. In all, both Floyd and Ali applied their own acting strategies to promote themselves and their fights, and communicate with spectators.

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