Advertising On NBA Jerseys

The NBA is one of the largest markets in North American Sports. With athletes like Kevin Durant commanding long term deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars with Nike and many other star athletes having advertising deals with big companies, advertising is crucial to the NBA brand and many large companies. The next step to maximize advertising in the NBA after advertisements on the court is on the jerseys. Recent moves by the NBA on jerseys have helped fuel speculation that soon we will see jerseys with advertisements on them like they do in the Euroleague and most if not all soccer leagues. The NBA is learning from these leagues who have had advertising on their jerseys for years and have massive contracts with companies that pay a premium to have their logo front and center on their jerseys. The simple but telling move of moving the NBA logo from the front of the jersey to the back has prompted many websites and beat writers to say how this move is paving the way for this drastic change to advertising on jerseys.


Soon we could be seeing jerseys like this one in the NBA

Although many people will be opposed to this radical change, they have to understand that the NBA is a business and will look for everyday to maximize profit. This is also one of the best ways for companies to market their brand as their logo and brand will be all over tv when people watch games or highlights or when people buy jerseys they will be wearing their logos all over. Although companies will have to pay top dollar to get these advertisements, they will pay for themselves in the long run. Through all of the free marketing they will get out of them, the NBA and the companies that are willing to pay for advertising will see a large increase in their bottom line.

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