Are Drones the Future in Advertising?

Ever since Amazon unveiled their use of drones with delivering products, marketers have jumped on the band wagon and began using drones in advertising. Over the past year a multitude of small and large companies have been using drones to advertise their products. Drone technology is fairly very new but already is being utilized by advertisers.

For example, a Minneapolis based beer company reveled an ad with a real life service it created to deliver beer to ice fishers on Lake Waconia using drones. This delivery service allows people fishing on the lake to call in their orders to grocery stores and have it delivered right to them without having to move.

Unfortunately, drone technology is being examined by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) since the technology is new and unregulated. When the FAA discovered the beer company’s use of drones they forced the company so stop.

Cola-Cola was next to use drones in advertising, but taking a different approach, which was outside FAA’s authority. They teamed up with the Singpore Kindness Movement to deliver care packages to several of the nations migrant construction workers, who are known for there poor working conditions. An advertising agency tools videos of this and them put them online. (See link below)


An advertising company called DroneCast was started last April by a 19-year old, GauravJit “Raj” Singh. The company provides it clients with drones for flying banners to promote products or events. The startup company is already expecting $1.5 million in revenue by the end of this year.

I personally think that this use of technology is amazing and will cause huge changes in the advertising industry. Having a drone deliver something to my doorstep would make me want to buy it twice as much. I think the drone usage in advertising is going to increase more and more in the future. As Singh said,

“I really do believe that in a couple years you’ll see them commonly flying around the street,”


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