Becoming a Firms Ambassador

As soon as I walked through the absurdly large front doors of Isenberg School of Management I observed students dressed in professional attire and recruiters handing out an assortment of free items for a moment of your time. Every fall for the past 3 years I would stand in awe at the chaos of the Isenberg atrium. This year is different, this year I am on the other side of the chaotic recruitment. Last semester I interned with PwC and have become a part of their brand going forward.


This picture below is an example of a recruiter talking about its brand to a UMass Amherst student.

career day


Last fall’s recruitment process was a valuable experience that I now appreciate looking back. For the better part of September my day revolved around the calendar that career services sent out, which consisted of which firms were visiting. I would walk through Isenberg to be greeted by a recruiter more than willing to answer any questions I had. It was apparent that the recruiter I met from PwC loved her job and more importantly loved representing their company’s brand. When I think of the PwC brand I now think of it in a positive mind set just from my first interaction with the recruiter.

pwc logo

Now that I am invested in the PwC brand I feel like it is my turn to attract the intelligent youth of UMass. These past couple weeks I have been working with the recruiter from UMass to show off the PwC brand and explain what it is all about. It is important to me to represent the brand that has given me so many opportunities. There seems to be a lot of companies that favor private universities over public ones for candidates, but PwC is not one of them. They are a fantastic company that sees that UMass Amherst has a large number of hardworking students who want to succeed at their company. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities that PwC has given me and am excited to help my fellow students receive similar ones.



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