Buds for Buds

Budweiser has had a history for making memorable commercials that separate them from their competition. Everyone could learn something from Budweiser’s marketing campaigns on how to be remembered. Budweiser’s commercials are its biggest and best form of advertising. Over the years many different Budweiser commercials have caught fans attention.

“Friends Are Waiting”
Most recently everyone has seen the “Friends Are Waiting” commercial. For anyone who has not, this anti drunk driving commercial is about bond between a man and a dog and the sadness the dog feels when he thinks the owner does not come home from a night of drinking. At the end the owner comes home the next morning and tells the dog he spent the night at a friends house because he could not drive home. Budweiser was only in the commercial for a second when the owner left carrying a six pack. However, everyone remembers them and the commercial because of how heartfelt it was. Budweiser took on the social responsibility issue of drunk driving in a new light. They did not portray it as graphic and horrific they portrayed it in a sad but cute light. These clever marketing skills led to over 10 million YouTube views in just 5 days. So clearly it worked.


“A Hero’s Welcome”
Before that Budweiser did a commercial of a soldier returning home. In this commercial Budweiser therew a huge homecoming parade for the soldier and said every soldier deserved a hero’s welcome. The only reason you knew it was Budweiser was because of the famous Clydesdales.


“Puppy Love”
In this super bowl commercial Budweiser combined a puppy and their famous Clydesdale and showed their powerful and adorable friendship. The only Budweiser logo in the commercial was the hat of their owner. At the end #BestBuds was displayed as advertising.

puppy love

The Difference
Budweiser stands out against other beer companies because of how differently they market themselves. Beer commercials typically involved pretty girls, keg parties, comedy. Budweiser’s tear-jerking and heartwarming commercials are a fresh change. Budweiser hardly even advertises their beer in the commercial just focuses on making them memorable and it works. I believe these commercials are so much more affective because of the meanings behind them and how they make people feel. People feel like they are supporting a warm friendly company by buying Budweiser because of their amazing marketing skills.

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