Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society


In the fall of 2013, my brother and I knew we wanted to get a dog. We knew we wanted to rescue a dog and we had heard about Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in Springfield, Massachusetts. We looked online for weeks and met a few dogs before we finally found Cindy. Once we set up our appointment to meet Cindy and went to Dakin we were welcomed with open arms but volunteers and employees who took a genuine interest in the animals that came through the shelter. After we adopted Cindy and had such a great experience I began to follow Dakin and it’s activities more closely. I followed Dakin on Facebook and immediately saw how hard they worked on social media. Every Friday is ‘Fur Faces Friday’ in which Dakin posts an album of animals ready for adoption along with the location of these animals. Some are located in Springfield, some are located in Dakin’s other shelter in Leverett and others are in foster care. Dakin promotes activities such as “Mutts and Mimosas” and “Shakin for Dakin Zumbathon.” Both were events put on by Dakin and of course all the money earned went into taking care of the animals. Dakin is regularly featured on WWLP in which they show segments of a selected animal that is ready and waiting for adoption. This shelter is so dedicated to the animals that it recently hosted a number of events in which they provided free vaccinations to animals at risk of getting PARVO; an illness rapidly spreading and killing numerous pets in the Western Massachusetts area. Along with free PARVO vaccinations, Dakin also hosts events which offer other types of vaccinations for discounted prices, helping as many animals as they can. In addition to discounted vaccinations, Dakin provides discounts on spaying and  neutering pets, offering the surgery for little to no cost. This really shows Dakin’s interest in not only the animals that come through the shelter, but the over-population of animals in general. It is sad to see, especially in cities like Springfield, numerous stray dogs and cats. Dakin providing discounted or free opportunities for animals to get fixed is a huge step in controlling the pet population.

All of these events and more are explained in detail on Dakin’s Facebook page, as well as their personal internet page.



041 (2)061066 (2)042054 (2)   cindy

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