Does the Apple really fall far from the tree?

The iPod, iTunes, the iPhone, the MacBook, the iCloud, the iPad, and now the Apple Watch… what’s next? Don’t even get me started on the software. Apple has continuously created products and technology ahead of our time. They lead in innovation and continue to amaze us with everything they do. As Apple continues to dominate, competitors including Samsung, Windows, and Amazon are scrambling to create products that can rival those from Apple. Some companies are even accused of “copying” Apple’s products and designs, including modeling their retail stores after the Apple Store.

Enter the Competition

Apple released their first iPhone in 2007, making it the first smartphone of it’s kind. The Samsung Galaxy, almost identical in design and concept to the iPhone, was later released in 2010. Apple then released the iPad in April of 2010 soon followed by Samsung’s release of the Galaxy Tab a mere 7 months later in November of 2010. Windows released their smartphone “Windows Phone” in 2010.Their phone features a lot of the same features with their own twist. However, the most recent release of the Windows Phone 8 features a personal assistant feature very similar to iPhone’s Siri. Coincidence? I think not.


Competitors Strike Back

Recently, Apple’s competitors such as Samsung and Windows have been putting out advertisements aimed at Apple in an effort to show the world how their products match up.

Samsung recently released a commercial for their Galaxy Note 4 that claims Apple is now adopting their same ideas for the iPhone 6.

Windows recently released a commercial comparing iPhone’s Siri with their own “personal assistant” Cortana.

So, the question is… can the competitors really compete? Maybe. I am an Apple person and always have been. However, these campaigns may be some of the smartest advertising I have seen. Companies like Samsung and Windows are showing consumers that the iPhone is adopting a larger screen just like the Galaxy and Cortana can do more for you then Siri can. They make you stop and think that maybe they’re doing it better than Apple after all.

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