GE and Their New Marketing Strategy

I don’t know about you but I’ve been noticing some pretty weird commercials from GE lately. The first one I saw was about “the boy who beeps”.

I thought it was a weird and kind of a funny commercial but it did a good job of making me pay attention and realize it was in face a GE commercial. I even went on to show a few of my roommates the new “weird GE ad” so I could see what they thought about it.

Just yesterday they released a new video starring Jeff Goldblum in what can only be described as intentionally bad. It seemed to be a parody of one of those infomercials you see running at 2 am on a Tuesday night and are too lazy to get up and grab the clicker to change the channel. Maybe it’s just me but I had to sit through this whole thing. Jeff Goldblum comes off crazy but he manages to actually be quite informative about a product many people probably didn’t even know existed. Check it out below.

It’s actually a pretty funny video and it is certainly not something I’d expect from a company like GE. To me it seems like they are trying to move in a new direction and have released numerous ads on their YouTube channel in the past month. Each ad seems to be a little different but they all paint GE as an innovative company that is trying to become modern and appeal to a broader spectrum. Most people don’t realize how many industries GE is in and these commercials do a pretty good job of showing that. I had no idea GE had water filtration systems that are used by farmers so waste water isn’t wasted. I found myself watching all the new ads they posted because I enjoyed what I saw in the two posted above. To me, that is an incredibly effective marketing campaign.

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