Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing technique that uses surprising, in your face, visual stimuli to make brand names and concepts memorable to viewers. This type of marketing is generally low-cost and usually operates on a small, localized scale. Guerrilla marketing uses tactics designed to create an immersive experience where the viewer feels as though they are interacting with the ad. This innovative marketing strategy breaks the mold of traditional marketing by asking the viewer to really think about what they are seeing.

Typically, The main goal of guerrilla marketing is not to market a specific product, but rather to make a brand name, or idea, stick in someone’s memory. By using this technique viewers will gain an appreciation for the company and hopefully think to themself, “wow what a great concept.” By utilizing guerrilla marketing strategies companies hope to lure in prospective customers based on the  desire to seek further information from the company. At this point the potential customer may find their website and discover more information about the specific products they carry as well the companies overall mission. However, with guerrilla marketing even more emphasis is put on strengthening the companies relationship with its existing customers. By doing so, the company can maximize profits through means of increasing the number of sales each customer makes.

Guerrilla marketing is often used by small businesses to generate publicity for their brand. This can be extremely beneficial to companies trying to get their name out there by generating a buzz in the eyes of the public. Guerrilla marketing works for large corporations as well, however they run an increased risk for generating bad publicity with an ad that is seen as being too risqué. One of the priorities of guerrilla marketing, and one of the reasons it’s so effective for small businesses is that it unconsciously asks viewers to relate what they saw to those around them. This generates a word of mouth publicity which can be an excellent means of instilling the brand name in peoples minds. The main benefit of this word of mouth publicity is that it’s practically free. The reason for this is the company wont have to invest as much in conventional marketing tactics which can cost a lot of money.

Here is an example of a guerrilla marketing campaign started by This ad was placed on the floor of an elevator to give people the feeling they’re elevated above the city.

Guerilla Marketing

Here is another by Tyskie, a Polish beer company. This image was placed on a door handle to make it feel as though you’re grabbing a mug of beer.

guerilla marketing 2

And here is one more by Colgate. This toothbrush shaped popsicle stick serves as a reminder to brush your teeth after eating sweets.

guerilla marketing 3

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