Hey! Apps are coming!

In the web 2.0 period, the number of people who start to use smart phones and tablets as part of lives, is rapidly increasing. Smart phones and ipadsmake lives simpler and smarter. When people want to check daily emails, they can easily click on the small cute icon on iphones or ipads instead of turning on their laptops. People can either open the game apps or video apps which downloaded before and kill the time during the trip on the train or plane. It is really easy and convenient but it includes all of peoples’ lives.

All in all,

Apps marketing strategy is becoming more and more significant!

  • Apps make lives more efficiently and qualified!

To a businessperson, time is gold. Mail Apps help them not to waste time in logging in and checking news mails and never miss any important emails. This kind of app will remind user by popping up an attractive label whenever there is any news.


Another example is that people can easily show their reservations in passbook apps when they are going to check in for a flight. 🙂


Because its convenience and effectiveness, nowadays many merchants begin to make their promotion of products and customer service in apps, which directly connect to most customers. Customers can just download for free but get to know more about merchants’ products! This summer I helped to test one application of customer service for one printer company and this app can feedback to customer service online of that company when detecting a problem and give solution back in time.

  • Apps give more fun!

Have you ever heard about flappy birds? Have you played these “time-killer” games?


However, do you know, behind this game, how much money the game developer created?

“Even Though He Killed It, The Guy Behind Flappy Bird Is Still Making Plenty Of Money On The Game” — from Business Insider

Yes, games on apps can spread fun for everyone (even elder people)! Why? Because people can pick up these games whenever they want and it is easy to play and does not have any complicated game operation system. This is one of the attributes of apps! From this spread-rapidly attribute, it is a big chance to do the product market through applications.

In summary,there are huge opportunities for a businessperson and marketer to see beyond these little cute icons. Apps can have big market size and it can be estimated by the download times. Specific apps (like game apps) can appeal specific customer group and people can spread it easily by telling their friends or helping them in downloading. In additional, it is also easily to get feedback from users. So, It is the period about apps marketing strategy!

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