Interruptions are the Worst

Imagine this your watching Criminal Minds and just as your favorite character is about to lose their life to a bullet the channel cuts to a commercial, leaving you on the worst cliff hanger. Let’s be honest, no one likes commercials. Most people flip from program to program to avoid watching them. How to get me to stop flipping from away from company’s most direct line of marketing? Comedy.

The one commercial currently I seem to be constantly quoting and always laughing at no matter how many times I see it features Hans & Franz (Dana Carvey & Kevin Nealon) previously on Saturday Night Live.

image (1)


The commercials that people quote and a talk about all the time are what marketers strive for because it takes there commercial and brings it into conversations between people. Even though you may be quoting parts of the commercial, “row, row, row your boat gently down the loser stream”, you don’t know it at the time but when you describe it as “Have you seen the new State Farm ad?” I’ve been marketing for companies and never even knew it!

If inappropriate to use comedy to market a companies product they can go the other route of “tugging on the consumers heartstrings” as my dad says. This is perfectly portrayed in the new Budweiser ad. Just today numerous people talked to me about how cute the puppy is which made me go online and watch the commercial, continuing the marketing for Budweiser without even realizing what I was doing. There is a moment in this commercial were you believe the boy died in a car accident and that his adorable puppy is left behind. When people discuss this new ad with me they not only were talking about how adorable the puppy was but they were also mentioning how Budweiser was brilliant in focusing there ad on the importance on drinking and driving, which is a perfect connotation all alcohol companies love to have.

I have never realized how a simple commercial can market way beyond just the minute you watch the commercial on television. The amount we discuss commercials and advertising within our everyday life is something I have come to understand companies strive for due to that little extra reach they can over their consumers. Simply by allowing their consumers to market for them through word of mouth over there hilarious or heartfelt commercial.

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