Knowing the Real Cost

It’s not a secret that smoking kills. It’s also not a secret that I hate smoking. I think it’s a nasty habit and I automatically get agitated when I smell cigarette smoke. I’m hoping that in the future some day smoking is no longer a “thing” and that anti-smoking campaigns won’t exists because no one will smoke! Wishful thinking.


Positive media involving smoking no longer exists so why are people still smoking cigarettes? Recently I have noticed that the amount of anti-smoking media and commercials has definitely increased tremendously. The commercials can be a little harsh and gross, I’ve even caught my self cringing and turning away but the scare tactic might be the most effective strategy. Anti-smoking commercials have been aired on TV channels that are almost entirely exclusive to tweens and young adults (MTV, VH1, E! etc.). Anti-smoking activists are aware that young kids and tweens are the target audience for tobacco companies so countering their efforts makes the most sense. Educating the youth is the best way to stop smoking before it becomes an addiction.

The title of the commercial “Knowing the Real Cost” is highlighting what you give up by smoking cigarettes. In the commercial they show a customer buying cigarettes, being short on cash and having to pull out a tooth in order to cover the cost. Not only is this emphasizing how much cigarettes do cost you on a monetary level but also how much of your health you are giving up to tobacco companies. Your health is priceless so why let tobacco companies put a price on it? Cigarettes aren’t worth your wellbeing.


Tobacco is a huge industry and the only goal is profit not making sure you live as long as possible. Tobacco industries don’t have to market their product because they have addiction on their side and peer/parental influence. I mean I guess that’s good for them they know how to beat the system but its bad for us. Tobacco companies know that depicting smoking, as an “adult” habit will encourage young adults to smoke so they seem “older”. As a tween if you see older adults who you admire smoking you might be more likely to smoke and once you’re hooked you become a loyal customers for life. Tobacco companies want as many loyal or addicted customers as possible. In order to end smoking, anti-smoking campaigns need to shield the youth from the influence of tobacco companies. I’m hoping to continuously see an increase in anti-smoking media not only on TV but also on social media to reach a broader audience. When there’s a day I don’t walk through a cloud of nasty cigarette smoke I will be a happy girl.

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