Make a Plan to Make it Home

Recently Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser beer, came out with a tear jerking advertisement that depicts a man and his dog. This ad is part of an ongoing attempt to try and prevent drunk driving because Budweiser is an alcoholic beverage.

The advertisement starts off by showing a man and his puppy and shows how their relationship has built over the years. One night the man leaves and doesn’t come home for a while, and the video is showing that the dog is waiting for him. Then a caption across the screen says, “For some, the waiting never ended.” This caption is meant to show that drunk driving can end lives. The next part of the video is when the man comes back home to greet his dog and he says that he did not want to drive home the night before, instead staying with a friend.

Budweiser manages to send a powerful message about a potential risk that can arise from drinking their product while marketing their own product at the same exact time. Budweiser showcases their product many times throughout the one minute advertisement. Several times they depict people holding bottles and in one case a group of friends is seen walking out with a six pack of bottles. In another instance you see Budweiser showing off their product as they are on the dock, portraying Budweiser towels.

I believe that this advertisement was successful because it did not seem like Budweiser was promoting their beer, but made it appear as if they had a greater concern about a social issue and the safety of humankind. In turn, this makes it seem as if they are a socially responsible company which can both boost sales and make consumers feel more secure about consuming the product. Another reason why I think this advertisement was successful is because it used cute animals. Cute animals capture people’s attention and can even make watching the advertisement enjoyable for many. Lastly, I found it successful because it sends and emotionally powerful message. The commercial makes you sympathetic for the dog and it truly brings home the consequences of drunk driving. This advertisement managed to send an eye-opening and lasting message about the issues of drunk driving while still managing to get their name out into the target market. Not only has the advertisement been successful in marketing its product, but it has also appeared on countless websites such as Twitter, Facebook and others. This provides a significant attention to Budweiser and further promotes their product.


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