Marketing Psychology

Psychology and the reasoning behind consumer decision making have undoubtedly been established as cornerstones of the marketing world since its origin. I have always been intrigued by the notion of marketing psychology and digging deep into the mind of the consumer at-large. Behind every choice one makes when deciding between products, there is always that one little detail that causes them to simply say “yes” to one and “no” to the other. This detail, however, can be a countless number of things. The way the spokesperson in the television ad makes them feel; the manner in which the product is packaged; even the color of the font on the billboard along the highway can be the difference between gain and loss for the seller/marketer. One would never think that these sorts of details that seem so minor and insignificant and typically go right over our heads would have such a huge impact on the difference between purchasing one good/service over another.

As the field of marketing has developed over the years with changes in consumer wants and needs, leaps and bounds made in technology, and many other contributing factors, there have certainly been several successes and failures of entire marketing/advertising campaigns due to lack of considering the psychological side of the situation. For example, a certain failure came about when McDonald’s attempted to burst onto the social media scene with a Twitter account by asking customers to share their pleasant McDonald’s experiences via #McDStories. This gave dissatisfied customers the chance to truly express their feelings and put the company in a national spotlight for their poor quality ingredients and bad experiences had at the restaurants. (source:                                 Typically, the large majority of dissatisfied customers will never report or share their distaste with the company they believe has wronged them simply due to the lack of convenience and the mind state that one complaint will make no difference. However, when given the opportunity to call out McDonald’s on one of the world’s most popular social media sites, these people banded together and brought significant attention to the issue, causing McDonald’s to swiftly abort their campaign and lost a percentage of customers resulting from the incident. This particular story goes to show that with a change in the manner or platform of expressing dissatisfaction, the thought process of the customer changes drastically and the effects were duly noted by the entire industry.

Marketing psychology plays one of the largest roles in our modern society and has such a serious lasting effect on the success of not just marketing or advertising campaigns, but corporations as a whole.

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