Paying A Gym To Not Work Out

I have a serious on-again, off-again relationship with the gym but one thing has always stayed the same whether or not I actually went. I still pay every single month. In fact I have paid for the same gym membership for the past 5 years. Of those 5 years, maybe only two and a half consisted of me actually working out at that gym. As I sit here typing this, I am strangely alright with having spent money on something that half the time I never even utilized.

Original ImageWell at least it’s cheap
I think this is the most important thing to consider and is what I clung to in order to justify my laziness. Everyone can agree that Planet Fitness is not the best gym available, but it is so cheap that I was ok with it being lackluster in a number of ways. The one thing Planet Fitness does really well is that they market themselves as having a low start up fee and an insanely cheap 10 dollar a month membership. Even if you do not go to Planet Fitness or have any knowledge of what regular gyms cost, everyone is aware that Planet Fitness is only 10 dollars a month. The reason for this is the money that normal gyms spend on classes and more equipment, Planet Fitness spends on marketing themselves as a cheap, member friendly environment.
Justifying not working out to myself
This is where the utter genius of Planet Fitness comes into play. When I go to the gym every day for a long stretch of time the gym gets paid 10 dollars a month and has minimal maintenance costs. Then when I inevitably go back to college or just get lazy, they ARE STILL MAKING 10 DOLLARS A MONTH. That’s right, the gym is providing no service for me at all, yet I am paying them the same amount when I was utilizing their services. However, since 10 dollars for an entire month is so insignificant, even I only go to the gym 2 days a month I can still justify paying.
Planet Fitness you clever girl
Planet Fitness has perfected the art of convincing people that it’s important to work out while convincing people to no commit themselves(since there gyms can’t handle high volumes), but they should still keep the membership. So, people do keep the membership since keeping it for 4 months is equivalent to stopping and having to pay the start-up fee when they decide to come back. I have fallen completely for their clever media bombardment of their 10 dollar membership, because even though I am not the most consistent gym-goer at Planet Fitness “I Belong.” Yes, their motto is you belong. So sure I might not always go to the gym but having a membership Planet Fitness is my way of feeling like I do work out, even though I clearly just ate 6 plain rolls because I was bored.

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