Samsung vs. Apple Who wins? You do!

Upon witnessing the advertisements of the new iPhone 6 and 6+, I immediately noticed something about the new devices. Their sizes. I began thinking, “Wow, look how big the iPhone’s screen is! Apple has to be the most  innovative company ever! How has no one thought of this yet??”  Then I looked at my hand, which was holding my LG G2 smartphone that I purchased in November of 2013. My LG G2 smartphone with a 5.2 inch screen and I thought…”never mind.”

It is not that I have anything against iPhone users, I really don’t. My best friend is an iPhone user. I just thought it was comical that Apple routinely dismissed bigger smart phones until it realized the popularity that they were generating. When it occurred to Apple that bigger screens were the wave of the future, all of a sudden they stopped being cumbersome and started being “cool.” I was not the only one to notice this phenomenon as Samsung pokes fun at the iPhone 6 in its new ad for the Galaxy Note 4, as can be seen below.

After watching this Samsung ad, my first reaction was, “Ha! they got you good Apple!” But then I started watching some other Samsung ad’s and the content was basically the same. It seems that Samsung’s general advertising campaign for its new phones is to advertise the pitfalls of the iPhone and castigate Apple for being “copycats.”

The intense rivalry between these two marquee brands is so palpable, one can almost taste it. Samsung attacks apple’s iPhone so often it begs the question, “Can’t we all just get along?” Then it hit me. This is perfect. This rivalry is not only important to Samsung and Apple as they battle for a higher percentage of the market, but it directly affects us as consumers. Rivalry is competition, and competition is the essence of innovation. Samsung’s new ad campaign may be overdone, but it is the reason this country is so great.

Samsung and Apple are constantly competing against each other to produce bigger and better phones that we will want to buy. Every time Apple comes out with a better feature we win. Every time Samsung answers that with an even better feature, we win.  Whether one likes Samsung’s Galaxy or Apple’s iPhone it doesn’t really matter. What’s important to understand is that Samsung needs Apple and Apple needs Samsung and we need them both.

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