Share a Coke!

I haven’t had a sip of soda in years, yet I’ve bought multiple bottles of Coke within the past month. I even have one displayed on my bookshelf!

Labeling bottles of Coke with individual names on them is in my opinion one of the smartest advertising campaigns I’ve seen recently. Every store I go to, I find myself checking each bottle to see if I can find my name. If I pass by a bottle with a name of one of my friends, I will probably either buy them the bottle or send them a picture of the bottle featuring their name. I brought my little sister home a bottle with her name on it, and she was so excited that she showed everyone that came into our house! I’ve seen tweets, Instagram pictures, and Facebook posts from multiple people showing their own personalized coke!

coke bottles

Coke has found a way to make customers feel special, which definitely creates a positive brand image. This is especially important considering the fact that many people are becoming more health conscious, and soda intake has become much less popular over the past couple years. I recently found out that this campaign increased sales for the first time in ten years! Whether or not people are actually drinking the soda, they are much more likely to buy it if they find a rare bottle with their name on it… At least I did!

Buying the bottles doesn’t stop at buying one with your own name on it, they can even be used to write messages. I recently saw on social media an image of 6 personalized Coke bottles stating: “Beautiful Eloise, Will You Marry Me?”

coke bottles marry

A man actually proposed to his wife using Coke! This story will forever be apart of this couples life, something they tell their children, friends, and family! He felt connected enough with the brand that he wanted to take advantage of these bottles and begin his life with someone using Coke bottles!

Even though I don’t like to drink Coca-Cola, they have affected my life in a positive way. I am a fan of the company not because of their product, but because of their marketing!

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