Skype Makes A Connection Beyond Technology

Skype is known as one of the biggest free voice over IP service and instant messaging services. Although they are one of the biggest companies associated with the technological boom they advertise themselves as a service to make a connection beyond technology. Skype’s slogan is “Free calls to friends and family”. Skype markets its technology as a platform to make human connections and affect people’s day to day lives.

So how does Skype make a connection beyond technology?

One example of Skype going above and beyond to be more than a technology platform is the use of a major social media site, Youtube. Skype’s youtube channel which has over 128,00 subscribers contains many videos that Skype uses to connects its users to other users and also a way they help their users experience the world.

Another example of how Skype makes human connections is through advertisement. In the video shown below we learn of a series of ads Skype has created that shows the connection Skype has made between people through the use of technology. In the series “Family Portraits” a young girl who was born with a missing arm creates a unique friendship with another girl with a similar disability across the country via Skype. These two girls reconnected after a few years of loss friendship via the webcam platform. Ever since they first reconnected they created a bond and a friendship that has helped them deal with their disabilities and live a normal life. This is a perfect example of Skype using their platform to make bonds beyond technology and using advertising as a way to express these bonds.

Skype has created a brand that has truly exceeded the idea of only being a social media platform. Skype has used advertisements to show that they can be used as an informative platform as well as somewhere to go to create lifetime connections with people of your past or even your future.

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