Social Media and the Small Business

Earlier this year a friend and I had the opportunity to start our own small business.  Together after several years of talking about opening our own sub shop or pizza shop, mixed with a little luck and great timing we opened Grillicious a food truck.

A photo of our food truck Grillicious.

A photo of our food truck Grillicious.

Granted it wasn’t necessarily the commercial enterprise we had exactly been planning for but it get’s the job done.  Since we’re not located in the same spot every single day, we need a way to let our customers know where we are going to be on a given day.  This is where Social Media came into play.  Ten years ago a food truck would never be able to thrive in a market dominated by establishments that remain rooted in the same exact spot day in and day out.  However with the invention of things such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram a food truck has become a real industry instead of just a niche market.

A picture of one of our menu's that we post using Social Media.

A picture of one of our menu’s that we post using Social Media.

The ability to connect with our customers in real time using the internet has become an priceless  marketing tool for our business.  For example it allows us to get an estimation of our demand in a certain area, when people post asking when we will be coming back.  It allows us to post our ever changing menu in advance of going out so customers can determine if they want one of our sandwiches before even leaving the house, or even on the go using a smart phone.  Facebook can even give us quantified analysis on our business page.  Doing such things as tracking the percentage of people who click on a given post, view a photo, and also the amount of people that a certain post will reach.

The best part all of this marketing through Social Media is that it is free!  As a small business in it’s first year we lack the capital to pay for any other type of advertising.  Thankfully with social media we absolutely do not need to pay for our advertising.   I can say without a doubt the Social Media marketing has had a huge impact on certain industries in the United States, luckily one of which I am currently a part of!

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