South Park’s New Season Hits Crowdsourcing at it’s Core

South Park is at it again with their newest episode “Go Fund Yourself”.  This time Matt Stone and Trey Parker are going after Kickstarter, the Washington Redskins, and the vast amount of new start-ups as a whole.

The new episode starts out with the boys quitting school and trying to come up with a name for their Kickstarter company whose entire purpose is to make money doing nothing but cannot because of the lack of original names due to all of the new start-up companies being created.  Eventually with the news of the Washington Redshkins football team losing their name and the right to their logo due to their legal issues, Cartman registers their now company under the name.  Because of this, their dreams to create an entire company to do nothing is started.


This entire episode is a great satirical look at some of the more popular issues in the news today and shows one of the largest issues with crowdfunding, especially on Kickstarter, that there is today.  For instance one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns over the summer was a guy asking for $10 to make some potato salad.  This specific campaign had almost 7,000 backers and raised over $55,000.  Kickstarter makes 5% of whatever the crowdfunder ultimately makes so in the case of the potato salad they made around $3000.  South Park hits this concept right in the head and shows us why Kickstarter is one of the greatest and worst inventions to come out of the internet.


Link to the episode: Go Fund Yourself

Link to the potato salad kickstarter page: Potato Salad

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