The Colorful Language of Marketing

I’m sure you have heard of how colors have an effect on the way people feel when they see them. If you’re a boy, you probably cried for your mother in a “calming” blue room; if you’re a girl, you probably stared out of your crib at “calming” pink walls. But is this so-called “color psychology” a myth, or do people’s moods actually change the minute they walk in to a bright yellow room? Can a simple change in color draw in or deflect people to and from a certain product?

Well, think about it this way: You are walking through the mall, not looking for anything specific, and then you walk past a store with a large, violet handbag perfectly positioned on a pedestal in the lit-up window. Not much else of color surrounds it, so this item catches your eye and you walk into the store even though you never intended on it when you decided to come to the mall. You check the price tag on the bag, and it is slightly above your budget, so you put it down in disappointment, but continue to meander around the store and find many more items within your price range, which you end up purchasing. This was me at Michael Kors a few months ago, so don’t feel bad if you can relate.

This store, along with many others, have discovered that a bold color, such as purple, can draw consumers in with a pop of vibrancy displayed in their front window. The trick is, even if they don’t purchase that item, they have been sucked into the realm of retail. They feel the need to spend the money burning a whole in their pocket because of one attractive item leading to a plethora of many more. (Purple denotes a feeling of wealth/power.)

Would you have walked into the store if the only item in the window was grey? Probably not, because this color is conservative, and serves to support the bolder colors that actually attract customers, such as reds and purples.

The proper use of color will also keep the product displayed in the consumer’s mind long after they have left the store. I know I still want that bag, and I have set a standard as to what my next (reasonable) handbag purchase will look like in comparison to that gorgeous Michael Kors.

Which store would you walk into?

Clothing Store_optblogger-image--1699503255_opt

I thought so.

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