The Foodies of Instagram

Social Media’s prominence in today’s world has made it possible to remain updated on our friends’, families’ and favorite celebrity crush’s every actions at any given moment. Have we become obsessed with social media? Maybe. People have become so accustom to the presence of social media in their lives, that outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest have become a daily routine. In fact, social media has become so present, it is no longer only used for uploading pictures of your new puppy and posting about your rough breakup – social media platforms are now heavily being used to market products, ideas and worldly issues. In fact, individual users are helping market with out even being aware.

Food, Filters & Fantastic Marketing

Everyone. Loves. Food. Everyone also loves to use the platform of Instagram to post the better things in their lives; consequently, this exposes and shares specific locations, brands, products and activities that one’s loyal followers may be interested in. Together, instagramming food at certain restaurants or locations provides free and “unintentional” marketing. With the use of a strategic crop and correct filter, suddenly anyone could be mistaken for a professional photographer.  After a great dining experience, what better way is there to share with the world about the incredible truffle fries you just inhaled at Johnny’s Tavern? After all, a geo-tag is worth a thousand words. With a simple click on JT’s geo-tag, your viewer is able to see a plethora of similar mouthwatering posts. This feature is engaging, as a potential customer is able to view other people’s dining experiences. Suddenly, your loyal follower is inspired and craving those truffle fries. You’re welcome, JT’s.

Can’t Argue With Science

While we are a society obsessed with food and social media, people aren’t only posting pictures to show off. Some consider it a form of self-expression, while others wants to remember that fabulous experience – either way posting food has become a ritual. Studies shown from research at the University of Minnesota and Harvard Business School found that “rituals enhance the enjoyment of consumption because of the greater involvement in the experience that they prompt.” And yes, a ritual most definitely includes threatening the life of the first person to touch the beautifully displayed appetizer before you Snapchat Story it in its perfect form. Upon finishing your meal, you look back at your own Snapchat Story (we’re all guilty of it) and reminisce. Just like that, you’ve sparked the interest of many Snapchat friends to visit this location and you’ve solidified your own loyalty because it was just that good.


Food + Instagram/Snapchat = Automatic Marketing

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