The Galaxy S4: Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

The opportunity to get the coveted smartphone finally came last Christmas. The planets and stars aligned a deal that my family couldn’t pass up: Everyone could get smartphones, with the choice of the iPhone 5c and the Galaxy S4. We’ve had much more interaction with Apple than Samsung (several of us had iPods in the past), and that may have played into my dad’s decision to choose iPhones for all of us. “Because it is better, and Apple is a good brand”, he insisted. Some friends of mine recommended the Galaxy, so my brother and I took the risk to try something new. My parents and sister stuck to Apple.

Having owned an iPod Nano, and having handled my family members’ iPhones, I have to say that I prefer the Samsung Galaxy S4. With a screen an entire inch larger than the iPhone 5c, it’s hard to believe that the Galaxy actually weighs less, too. When you’re watching a movie on your phone, size really matters (the 1080 resolution doesn’t hurt either compared to the iPhone 5c’s 640). Sometimes I even prefer using it to watch videos as opposed to my laptop. Also, for those who like doing more with their phone, there are a whole host of third-party apps to download. Apple unfortunately only allows those which adhere to its policies to be downloaded (surprise, surprise).galaxyvsiphone

One thing I have noticed is that no matter how much I rave about the S4 people are still rigid in their opinion on Apple. My dad still refers to the Galaxy as a “bus” because of its screen size and proclaims that when the iPhone 7 comes out the whole family will get it. When my friend learned that the iPhone 6 bent, he said it was “cool” and seemed more interested in buying it.

There is a reason it is brought up in Isenberg all the time though: their marketing strategy is excellent. By consistently delivering a simple but effective product, Apple has built its brand to the point that they could start making flip phones again and people would buy them. That’s something worth recognizing. However, they don’t own a monopoly on phones. By checking your peripheral vision, you’ll see there are a host of other options, and like me, may be pleasantly surprised.

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