The NFL marketing professionals

The NFL is one of the most recognized brands ever.  They do not have to do a thing to market themselves. The National Football League sells itself. Within the NFL there is multiple Brands that they make for the players. Most fans know a good amount of players on their favorite teams. But for example not many people would know the names of players on the Seattle Seahawks before the Super Bowl. The NFL is smart enough to know that if they repeatedly show different teams and players people will take a liken to random players and teams. Most people always say that they have a certain team that they like for no apparent reason. But when you start hearing Jon Gruden commentary on Monday nights you start realizing the and remembering the crazy names he makes for some players. With these nick names you start remembering and learning all of the players actual names. The players themselves may never be able to market themselves and sell their jerseys. Thanks to the NFL this is possible.

After a successful season for the Seattle Seahawks they developed a brand for their hard-hitting secondary. They developed the name “The Legion of doom” Most people probably didn’t really care who these players were when they were coming into the league. Earl Thomas got the public’s attention coming into the league as a first round draft pick. Sherman and Chancellor were fifth round picks that people never even heard of for the most part, and for Brandon Browner he wasn’t even drafted so there is a good chance no one knew his name.

After the NFL helped them develop their brand by constantly saying it over and over again through commercials and commentary, people started to catch on and call them the” Legion of Boom”. eventually after their success many people wanted shirts or any apparel they could get with their names on it. Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were not slow to take attention to that creating their own clothing brand. The only marketing done by the athletes was to use twitter and other forms of social media. some could say that the reason for the success is from their skill on the playing field but mostly they should be thanking the NFL branding their name across america.

Many fans may not have heard of two fifth round draft picks on the Seattle Seahawks if you live anywhere on the east coast of the country. But with sources like Sunday, Monday or Thursday night football names spread decently fast. Most people will usually watch and look forward to games at night throughout the week just because they can’t wait for Sunday. Not even watching their own teams but just to learn all about these random teams they don’t know about. without the NFL helping out small brands that these, players would not succeed with selling t-shirts like this. With all of this marketing for “The Legion of Boom” Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas jersey sales are in the top twenty sold in the entire NFL. This is why the NFL is so smart because it all ties back to them in the end. They market these players to sell their jerseys and it works so perfectly for them. The players and the league make money off of just making nick names that most of the time don’t even make sense.

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