The Quentin Tarantino Brand

Quentin Tarantino is not only known for his great and unique films, but also for his revolutionary trademarks and style. This is a director who has made up his own methods of making films and he has been very successful doing so. It is not common that a director as renowned and respected as Tarantino, who produces great movies time and time again, would reject thousands, if not millions of dollars from companies who want their products to be used and advertised in his films. Instead of using real products he makes up his own fictional products. For instance, the fictional Tarantino brand juice drink, “G.0.” First appeared on a billboard in Kill Bill: Volume 1 and appears in Death Proof when Aberthany is drinking G.O. Juice in the car. Other notable “Tarantino products” include: Red Apple Cigarettes, in Reservoir Dogs, Mr. White offers a Red Apple Cigarette to Mr. Pink, Big Kahuna Burgers, In Pulp Fiction : Brett and Jules eat a Big Kahuna burger, Teriyaki Donuts and a restaurant called Jack Rabbit Slim’s.


It is genius how he incorporates these products into many other of his films. Each “Tarantino product” listed above is in several other of his films spanning across multiple decades. These many different “Tarantino” brands in turn create and enforce another brand, and that is his films themselves. His constant rebellion against product placement has in turn contributed to the allure of his films. Films that people see because they are the epitome of original and creativity. Tarantino’s rejection of product placement has proven to pay off as he is ranked 7th on the all time greatest directors list published by IMBD in 2010. He didn’t need company advertisements to make him more money, he just stayed true to himself and the money came because fans appreciated what he stood for.

Although he is largely against product placement in his films and more often than not rejects it, he has been known to slip up every now and then, but only for the purposes of writing legendary scripts. Who could ever argue his integrity when he’s making cinematic gems such as the McRoyal scene from Pulp Fiction!

McRoyal scene!


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