“The Real Cost of Smoking”

In a time when almost everyone under the age of 30 knows the health problems that smoking cigarettes causes, I still constantly see people standing outside buildings or walking between classes smoking. Most college students grew up in an environment that warned them of the inevitable health problems that stem from smoking cigarettes, yet that doesn’t seem to have deterred everyone.

There is a new anti-smoking campaign, The Real Cost of Smoking, that was launched that tries to bring to light the severity of the ramifications that smoking will have on individuals in the long run. These commercials take an everyday event for smokers, approaching a counter to buy a pack of cigarettes, and show how much more than just money they are spending when they decide smoke. As they walk to the counter with their cash, they are informed that it will not be enough, and they aren’t talking about money

anti smoking need more

After the customers realize what they have to give up they don’t reach for their wallet, but instead they take a piece of themselves to pay. This could be one of several different things they give up: one commercial shows a man ripping out his teeth that he could very likely lose due the gum disease that smoking causes.

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Another woman is forced to remove a piece of skin from her face to signify that she is giving up her soft skin and good complexion because smoking causes smokers’ skin to get deep wrinkles and worsen their complexion.

anti smoking blog skin

The part that truly resinates is not when the customers have to give up a piece of themselves, but when the store clerk looks on as they are walking out and says, “see ya again soon.” This shows that each and every time that someone goes in to buy a pack of cigarettes they are making a choice that will have drastic negative impacts on their health in the future. Every time that a smoker buys a pack of cigarettes they are making a choice that is going to have a long lasting impact on their health in the future. This is something that smokers need to realize every time they go in to buy another pack.

anti smoking see ya again

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