Twitter, More Harm than Good?

twitterCelebrities make their livelihood off of their brand. For them, to put it mildly, marketing matters. And what better way to market yourself than by using twitter, right? Twitter allows musicians and actors to reach their fan base with more ease and frequency than ever before. At a glance, nothing could be better. Some celebrities garner millions of followers (Katy Perry has over 57 million) who are constantly updated to their thoughts, feelings, newest movies or tour dates etc. With such tremendous access to their fan base it would make sense that Twitter is seen as a huge asset for celebrities to ingratiate themselves to their fan base. However, what if twitter is not quite the positive that celebrities assume it to be? In fact, it is my belief that the negative consequences of using Twitter have been just as prominent for celebrities as the positive.

Cee LoTry to recall the last time a celebrity tweet received serious buzz or stuck in your mind for more than twenty minutes for being positive or uplifting. I can’t either. The problem for celebrities is that the credit earned or boost to their brand derived from a positive tweet is microscopic compared to the controversy caused by a bad one. And examples of celebrity gaffes on twitter abound. Cee Lo Green’s recent terrible tweet in which he said, “Women who have really been raped remember,” comes to mind. His image may never recover and consequently his music sales too. Or Jason Biggs’ reputation after he tweeted callously, “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?” after the second Malaysian flight went down in 2014. So, what’s the solution? Celebrities need to keep their thoughts to themselves.

Twitter is not a place for them to vent or voice their controversial opinions. For them it ought to serve a specific purpose: to keep fans updated with the latest news about their careers, such as new movie openings. Celebrities must remember that the best thing for their brand is to keep doing what they do best, whether it’s making great music or putting on a dramatic acting performance.  Fans will continue to be fans if they don’t tweet. But they may not continue to be fans after an insensitive and silly tweet. Thus, in my opinion, celebrities ought to refrain from Twitter or make sure to use it carefully.

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