Uber: More than just a taxi

Taxi is the common transportation in every country and all around the world. It is convenient, safe, and fast travel that anyone can get. When thinking about the word “taxi”, my mind already pops up the image of New York City, where the yellow taxis/cabs are everywhere. However, as I live in Boston, I rarely consider taxi as my transportation choice. Why? Because it is so expensive! That’s why MBTA is the right choice I can ever take. But, you know what? I recently discovered the other transportation similar with taxi but it is way cheaper for me as a student and it is called UBER.

Simple, Easy, and Fast

Uber is the private ridesharing service that has many locations worldwide for services that founded in 2009 including France, Canada, the United States, etc. Well, what is the difference from normal taxi? Yes, the whole cool point about Uber is that the company uses smartphone to connect to the passengers. There will be an app that you can download from any of your smartphones, where you can set up your credit payment directly and done. Whenever you need a ride, just click on the app, request your private Uber, and type in your current location (which you usually have to tell the normal taxi drivers and not sure if they heard it correctly); then you will have your ride in couple minutes.

If you don’t bring your money with you, but need a ride? No worry, Uber has your back! The Uber Company securely protects your payment information in the system, and it will withdraw the fee directly from your credit card without having you do any further payment when taking its ride. So no money, no worry!


Taxi? I don’t think so

When thinking about taxi, you will think about an old, white, yellow, and small car with the big tag on the top with the word “taxi” right? However, that is a no-no with Uber because Uber offers the most fine-looking cars that just exactly like your own car at home. People will never know if you came out from a taxi when looking at you because there are no taxi tag anywhere on the car and no wall divider from passengers and driver. So if you think you are looking awesome stepping out from the back door of the car with your own driver, you really are!

uber-cars_opt 071112-UBER-400_opt

Never be more satisfier

My friends and I were in the middle of the night last week in Boston and we didn’t have our wallets with us. No money, no nothing. But fortunately, one of my friends has the Uber app and just in couple minutes, we were safely home with just less than $10 for 3 of us. How bargain!

I will definitely try Uber again in the future for the most convenient, easy, fast, cheap, and luxury transportation that I ever had!

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