Ultra Music Festival

Have you ever heard or seen a commercial for Ultra Music Festival on T.V or on any other type of advertisement for the company? Currently Ultra Music Festival is one of the biggest and most profitable music festivals in the music industry. Last year Ultra had approximately 330,000 people from over 88 countries attend.

With tickets ranging from 300 to 1000 dollars, the demand for these tickets are very high. Their early bird tickets were sold out within 4 minutes of being online. As I’m writing this, I’m currently waiting in line to purchase their general admission tickets. These tickets have only been available online for one minute and my waiting time to purchase them has surpassed 4 hours. What is the best way to have your customers be willing to spend their time and money for a weekend music festival?  The answer is to play with the buyers’ emotions. We know that consumer behavior plays a big role in decision making and if you can alter their mindset to what you want them to feel, then your goods and services are as good as sold.

Every year before tickets are available for sale online on Ultra Music Festival’s website. The company will release what they call an after movie or Relive Ultra Miami. The video is a mini documentary of the most recent festival. The highlights lasts around 15 minutes. The most amazing thing behind the video is they are able to capture you emotionally. The video puts viewers in a state of euphoria from the music that they play to the video effects and the type of atmosphere. Throughout the video you could feel the happiness, unity, peace, and love even though you are not there. Everything about the video is crafted perfectly. This is what they are selling you; the experience -not the music. This kind of marketing will always have buyers coming back to the event and bring in new comers who want to experience it.

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