Urban Footwear: Nike and Adidas


Nike and Adidas are probably two brands you have already heard of. These two manufacturers of sportswear together are valued at about $20 Billion dollars controlling most of the sportswear market. Not only do they dominate the mainstream sportswear industry, they are also a major factor in the urban footwear community. But how are they so influential to both the mainstream and urban footwear community?



If you were to guess which company was the more dominant one you would guess Nike, because it is.  In the urban footwear community (urban footwear meaning street wear), Nike is definitely regarded more highly due to huge footwear lines such as the Jordan line, the Lebron line, and their ensemble of different retro running sneakers such as the Nike Roshe’s. Branding, marketing, and knowing what their consumers want is what keeps Nike at the top. They are consistently releasing new models of sneakers whilst including major celebrity names with their products which appeals to both fans AND “sneakerheads”, which is what sneaker collectors call themselves.

Adidas was never that huge of a threat to Nike in the urban footwear community until recently. Adidas was usually more known for their athletic wear and their limited urban footwear options such as the iconic Adidas Superstar II’s but that was pretty much all they had to offer. Now, they are coming out with a wide array of lifestyle shoes taking many different consumers into consideration  They have also recently adopted Kanye West, one of the most influential persons in the urban streetwear world, from Nike. They have also adopted, Marc Dolce, Mark Miner, and Denis Dekovic,  who were top designers in Nike. With Adidas’s star power and talent along with their massive new sneaker releases such as the Adidas ZX Flux and Adidas Pure Boosts (competitors with the Nike Roshe’s), they are giving Nike a run for their money in the urban footwear community.


Nike and Adidas are both doing very well for themselves in the sneaker community. Whilst Nike has held a high reputation in all regards in their market, Adidas has also been innovating the market with their products. I’m on the boat with Adidas and their products. Who would you go with?

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