Why Is That Coca Cola Bottle Green?

It seems as though Coca Cola has finally come out with a new beverage brand for the first time in over 10 years, but what is so special about this drink in the green can titled Coke Life? The answer is that this new Coca Cola brand is said to be healthier than the original Coke with 1/3 less calories due to the decrease in sugar content.

However, there is already a Diet Coke and Coke Zero brand available with zero calories so why do we need this Coke Life? The reason behind Coca Cola creating the new Coke Life brand is because of all the backlash that they have received on their Diet Coke and Coke Zero brands due to the artificial sweeteners used in the drinks. New science that keeps coming out says that artificial sweeteners could be potentially dangerous for our health, and potentially increase the risk of developing cancer. This science caused many people to stop drinking the diet brands, and the reason they are drinking the diet brands is to avoid the sugar and calories that the original brand offers. This caused Coca Cola to find a median to attract the people who don’t want all the sugar and calories from the original drink, and the people who are now scared to drink the diet brands.

The special ingredient in the new Coke Life is a natural sweetener called stevia derived from stevia plants. Stevia has been becoming more popular over the last few years, and is sold on the shelves is grocery stores, but the awareness of the product is still now very high just yet. One of the big problems with the sweetener is its bitter aftertaste when used directly is products, but Coca Cola has said to have avoided this issue by using the product strategically with the perfect amount of ingredients.

Coca Cola has to be extremely careful with marketing this new product because it can’t market it as a new healthy alternative because that would cause many people to stop buying the other diet brands, and coke doesn’t want to lose revenue on those products. They mainly want to attract new customers with this product, and customers that have left the brand because of health concerns.

Coca Cola has already launched the Coke Life brand in Argentina, Chile, and the UK. Chile and Argentina have reacted positively to the new product, but it is still too early to tell with the UK since it was just released there earlier this month. Coca Cola didn’t want to release it in the United States first because if it failed in the US, the company would have taken a big hit economically due to the size of the US. However, Coke Life was just introduced to 60 stores in the US down south as a test run, and hopefully we will get a chance to taste the new product up in the Northeast in the near future.

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