You rock at marketing

Want to hear something radical? You are already a marketing guru. Let me explain.

Our generation pioneered social media. From MySpace to Facebook to Snapchat, we’ve become experts at logging our life for the world to see. For many however, these life logs couldn’t be classified at entirely accurate. Many, myself included, are very much preoccupied by others perception of us. “Who” we wish to be perceived as varies from person to person. Some wish to be seen as witty and spontaneous. Others desire to be seen as intellectuals. Whatever the type, a common theme for most is a desire to be looked at positively. Social media has become a valuable tool by which we can influence how we are perceived or, in other words, build our desired brand. And so, subconsciously for some and consciously for others, each post, like, upload, or snap becomes a strategic action through which we seek to affect how others view us. Our generation has become very good at this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught my self scrolling through a friends recent vacation photos wondering how they’re life turned out so perfect. Is there life that perfect? Most definitely not. But by focusing my attention on the awesome vacation, they’ve positively influenced my perception of them. On the flip side, I attempt to do the same thing with my social media content – from what I post about on Twitter to what I upload to Facebook.  We all do it. Put what we feel is the best version of ourselves out there for everyone to see, judge how people react, and adjust accordingly. Rinse. Repeat. Marketing 101.

This a gross generalization of how we all behave on social media but there certainly is some truth to it. Everyday we market ourselves to others. Maybe not in a formal sense but certainly at a subconscious level. We all have the experience and tools to be great marketers.


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