Aggressive Marketing: Picking Fights with the Big Guy

Apple’s TV commercials for their iPads and iPhones are unique because they highlight the simplicity and elegance of their devices. They present their commercials to leave the audience in awe. And how do their competitors market their own devices? Bash on the biggest player, Apple. Every major competitor has done it.Samsung mocking the iPad’s inability to multitask. Microsoft claiming the Surface can do more things than a Macbook. Amazon stating their Kindle Fire HD has the same functionality of an iPad can for a fraction of the cost.

Frankly, that IS a big price difference…

The list goes on and on.

What do I think of it?

I think it is effective marketing for some audiences like the older generation. But for others like me, it is just over the top. For a multi-billion dollar company to publicly mock one another seems unprofessional and childish. In my opinion, these ads also convey that they are the inferior brand, since they have to go to these lengths just to advertise their products. What happened to good, clean, and informative advertising?!

Not only do these ads viciously target Apple, but they are also somewhat occasionally misleading. For example, in numerous Microsoft ads showing off Cortana (their version of a virtual assistant like Siri), they use a real human’s voice for their phone, while using Siri’s voice for the iPhone. Here is one example:

Now although it may be obvious to most people that it sounds too realistic for the phone to be the one talking, some people who are out of touch with technology (like my parents) can easily be confused, thinking that communicating with Cortana is much better than Siri. In reality, Window’s Cortana sounds more or less like the robotic Siri we all know and love.

Now it may seem like I am an Apple fanboy, but…

Well… I am. Now excuse me while I go pick up my iPhone 6 which is apparently plagued by #Bendgate…

iPhone 6 bowing down to the almighty Note 3

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